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  • Protect Your Cells from Viruses
  • Slow your aging process
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Restore your hair’s shine & color
  • Strengthen your nails & bones
  • Rebuild & rejuvenate your cells
  • Feel healthier in less than a month
Membrane Integrity Factor®

Our outer cell membrane is the frontline defense of our healthy cells. As we age our immune systems weaken and the cell membrane can become more permeable through free lipid pore sites. These are dysfunctional pores that allow viruses, toxins and free radicals to invade and infect or damage, our healthy cells.

A famous German doctor named, Hans Nieper MD, discovered and patented a substance that naturally occurs in our cell membranes called, 2-AEP. 2-AEP is a mineral carrier that brings our most crucial minerals to the cell wall creating a sealing effect to the free lipid pore site entrance spots to build or rebuild them…which protects them from penetration by Viruses, Toxins and Bacteria.

Dr. Nieper's work was further proven in extensive Electron Microscopic Research by Dr. Moenninghoff and his collaborators at the University of Muenster, Germany (1971).
Membrane Integrity Factor® is the only anti-aging product in the entire world that combines:
Dr. Hans A. Nieper received the International patents for 2-AEP as an “active mineral transporter” and for its therapeutic effects.
Dr. Nieper named 2-AEP bound with Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium the cell's 'Membrane Integrity Factor'. "It is indispensable in supporting the condenser function of the cell membrane... a life-deciding factor."
These two revolutionary ingredients have been individually revered as the best anti-aging substances available. Membrane Integrity Factor® brings them together for the ultimate anti-aging product


Aging used to be thought of as an inevitable process. Now with Membrane Integrity Factor® aging is something that can be slowed down and sometimes reversed.

The primary ingredient in Membrane Integrity Factor®, 2-AEP, is the actual biochemical component making up the outer cell membranes of your body. The 2-AEP is combined with the highest quality essential minerals your cells need. Membrane Integrity Factor® delivers the 2-AEP directly to the cell membranes to strengthen, seal, and protect your healthy cells and to repair your damaged cells.
This rejuvenation of your cells slows the aging process. *references
10% actually absorbed
It has been demonstrated that when most people take their minerals, over 90% of these minerals are simply wasted and disposed of. They are not absorbed effectively by the human body.
90% wasted
2-AEP has been identified as a neurotransmitter and helps to build new nerve paths.
It is an organic Mineral Carrier, which means that 2-AEP does just that: It carries the minerals it is combined with exactly where they need to be delivered... to the cell membrane.

The primary component of Membrane Integrity Factor® assures that you will retain the minerals it is combined with. Membrane Integrity Factor® combines 2-AEP with our most essential minerals:
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Free-lipid pores are defective and penetrate the cell with toxins (Which Causes Aging). 2-AEP is a biochemical component of the cell membrane, it also has the ability to form a complex with minerals and transport them to the cell. "Therefore, Membrane Integrity Factor® helps protect cells.” – Dr. Nieper

Dr. Nieper was able to demonstrate that the 2-AEP (combined with Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium) decreases the permeability of the cellular membrane to foreign substances. 2-AEP increases cellular membrane integrity by sealing the pores, thus protecting the cell from penetration by toxins, bacteria and viruses (Which Prevents Aging). *references
When minerals are combined with 2-AEP, studies have shown them to assimilate in the body at the cellular level. This is the absolute most effective and optimum method of absorption. *references
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By the time we approach 65 years of age, our pituitary gland is producing only 15%—20% of the Human Growth Hormone it did when we were teenagers! This decline in HGH levels is suspected to be the reason for many symptoms of aging: wrinkled skin, expanding waistlines, less energy and vitality, diminished sexual performance, poor eyesight, poor overall health, etc.

Fortunately, scientists have discovered special amino acids that increase the release of HGH. This is Human Growth Hormone Releaser (HGHR).
Pituitary production of HGH over time.
Human Growth Hormone Releaser (HGHR) in Membrane Integrity Factor® is the substance that naturally increases your body's production and release of HGH through the pituitary gland. This is the safest, most natural method of giving your body HGH so you can slow the aging process.

The natural production of your own growth hormone is safer than costly injections of synthesized HGH. Your body has a hard time regulating foreign amounts of growth hormone, which is why these injections are administered under a doctor's supervision.
The HGHR in Membrane Integrity Factor® is safe, has no toxicity levels and can make you look and feel younger.
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Increase the quality and duration of your life with Membrane Integrity Factor®.
Feel and See the Difference in just the First Month...
Increase Energy
Protect Your Cells from Viruses
Increase Energy
Rebuild & rejuvenate your
cells to
Slow Aging
Reduce Wrinkles
Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
& skin spots
Restore hair's shine
Restore your hair's shine and color
Increase Endurance
Increase your energy and endurance
You have the power to regenerate, rejuvenate and renew every cell in your body. Strengthening and protecting your cells is what keeps your health, beauty and body young for a lifetime. Old age can be put off for decades, but it won't happen without your help.
Dr. Nieper Discovered and Invented 2-AEP
Dr. Nieper
2-AEP was originally discovered by world-renowned Doctor, Scientist and Physicist, Hans A. Nieper, MD. Dr. Nieper called the 2-AEP in Membrane Integrity Factor® his, "Anti-Aging Formula...in which everyone could benefit from its regeneration of the cells." One of Dr. Nieper legendary developments was the invention of "mineral carriers’ which includes 2-AEP.
Dr. Nieper was able to demonstrate that the primary component in Membrane Integrity Factor® (2-AEP), serves as a mineral transporter and decreases cellular membrane permeability by sealing the free-lipid pore sites of our human cells. Free-lipid pores are defective pores that permit unwanted agents to penetrate the cell membrane with toxins. "Therefore, Membrane Integrity Factor® helps protect cells."
Mineral Transporter
Dr. Nieper Credentials are Too Long to List…he has been contracted by NASA many times for special projects. He has also treated Royalty, Mega Stars, Presidents and Thousands of Every-Day Patients.
Learn more about Dr. Nieper
Your Hair, Skin and Bones... regenerate, rejuvenate and renew the cells in your body.
Healhty Hair
Healthy Skin
Healthy Bones
Healhty Hair Beautiful hair starts with FEEDING your hair from the INSIDE through the cells in your bloodstream. Lifeless, brittle, thinning hair is most often caused by lack of strength in your cells. Hair follicles (the roots) must remain strong in order to have the best thickness, shine and strength. If you can keep these cells strong you will provide every strand of your hair the vitality it needs. Take the initiative to strengthen your cells - age has little to do with it.
Healthy Skin It's not the passing years or even what kind of skin you were born with…it's our job to fight Mother Nature. Membrane Integrity Factor® will help you improve your skin's elasticity, and prevent lines & wrinkles. Membrane Integrity Factor® encourages the cells of your skin to re-establish the natural rhythms of healthier, younger skin by protecting your healthy cells and bringing strength back to older and flat cells. No matter what age you are, Membrane Integrity Factor® can help.
Healthy Bones Our bones are constantly being renewed (i.e., being broken down and built up). As you get older, this process may need some help. The ingredients in Membrane Integrity Factor® can help you sustain the bone renewal process by providing key elements to help build up strong bones. By strengthening and sealing the cells in your bones with Membrane Integrity Factor®, you will have strong bones and joints for a lifetime.
Your body can only be as youthful as you allow it to be... so what are you waiting for? Life is too precious. It's what you do for yourself TODAY that will dictate how you will look and feel for all of your tomorrows.
YOU CAN BANK ON THAT! bank on that
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"I am a 45year old female and have been taking Membrane Integrity Factor for about three months now. I have noticed an increase in my energy level throughout the day. My skin seems more youthful and elastic. I recover quicker after workouts and the normal aches in my joints seem to have disappeared. I am so pleased that my husband is now taking Membrane Integrity Factor. We wouldn't be without it. " - Reese
"I have been using Membrane Integrity Factor now for almost 8 months. The best product I could have ever started using for anti-aging. I am 47 years young now…Prior to discovering Membrane Integrity Factor I physically and mentally was feeling more like 60; had no energy, my hair was thinning bad, and I was lacking muscle tone. This testimonial is a lot like playing a country song backwards, but instead of getting my truck, my dog, my girl back, I got something better back…my youthful life! I now have energy, my hair…is thick and full and shiny. Talk about a self-esteem booster. My skin looks great; I used to have aging spots starting to show, they have faded. So folks if want your old you back, try this product. " - Robert
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It is at the cell level that the essential minerals in Membrane Integrity Factor® strengthen the cells by sealing the pores. This sealing effect protects our healthy cells. The 2-AEP in Membrane Integrity Factor® is the ultimate defense against aging...
We are completely confident that Membrane Integrity Factor® will help you feel and look younger... have more energy and improve your life overall. We offer a 60-Day / 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
100% Money Back Guarantee
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