What is HGH?
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is an endocrine hormone, the release of which declines as we age. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and by the time we approach 65 years of age, our pituitary gland is only producing 15% to 20% of the Human Growth Hormone it did when we were teenagers. This decline in HGH levels is now thought to be the cause of many of the symptoms we associate with aging: wrinkled skin, expanding waistlines, less energy and vitality, diminished sexual performance, poor eyesight, poor overall health, etc.

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Human Growth Hormone Releaser (HGHR)
A Human Growth Hormone Releaser (HGHR) stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) through the Pituitary Gland.

After puberty, HGHR begins to decline, restricting HGH secretion and causing signs of aging such as increased body fat, bone fragility, weak-wrinkled skin, reduced energy, and loss of concentration.

Fortunately, scientists have discovered special amino acids that increase the release of HGH. They call this: Human Growth Hormone Releaser (HGHR).

The production of your own growth hormone is safer than costly injections of synthesized HGH. Your body has a hard time regulating foreign amounts of growth hormone….which is why these injections are administered under a Doctor's supervision. The HGHR in Membrane Integrity Factor® is safe, has no toxicity levels and does NOT need to be administered by a physician.

We Use REAL HGHR in Membrane Integrity Factor®?
The term HGHR is used loosely by a lot of companies. Hardly any company actually uses REAL HGHR in their ‘anti-aging’ product. Most companies combine a few amino acids with some other vitamins and call it HGHR…this is NOT a formula that will stimulate your pituitary gland to release HGH.

In order for your Pituitary Gland to actually release more Growth Hormone – it needs to be fed pituitary gland extract. Membrane Integrity Factor® uses a proprietary Bovine Pituitary Gland extract from the healthiest & strongest cows in the entire world. This is the most powerful substance you can feed your pituitary gland to stimulate a drastic increase in your production of Growth Hormone.

HGH Studies:
HGH can naturally speed up the metabolism to former levels, selectively reducing the abdomen, hips, waist and thighs while increasing muscle mass. In a study by Dr. Daniel Rudman with elderly men between age 60 and 81, he found that after six months usage without exercise, an 8.8% increase in muscle mass and 14.4% loss of body fat are reported on the average. "Ten Weeks To A Younger You" Ronald M. Klatz, M.D.

HGH helps smooth facial wrinkles, and the hydration, elasticity, thickness and youthful contours of the skin are regained. Dr. Daniel Rudman published his clinical findings on the effects of Anti-Aging and HGH in the New England Journal of Medicine 323 (1990):1-6. The results were exciting and startling! Working with volunteers aged 61 to 81 at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dr. Rudman used HGH manufactured synthetically to replicate what is created naturally in the body's own pituitary gland. The initial observed results: "Six months of injections reversed the aging process from 10 to 20 years in the patients who received the HGH. However, in the control group that didn't receive HGH, the normal aging process continued."

HGH resculpts the body by doing "something no other weight loss regimen does - it recontours the body, melting away fat and building muscle. In many cases, people look like they've shed years away with the fat. Even better, the greatest loss occurs in the deep belly fat, the area that is the bane of aging men and women. In every study of HGH pituitary deficient adults, as well as aging "normal" people, HGH replacement reduced body fat and increased lean body mass. "Ten Weeks To A Younger You" Ronald M. Klatz, M.D. p.48
We are completely confident that Membrane Integrity Factor® will help you feel and look younger... have more energy and improve your life overall. We offer a 60-Day / 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
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